Daniel | journalist

Joe and I went to New York to talk with developers. While we were there, we interviewed a journalist and friend of mine, Daniel Funt about the SWAT app project. He supported us, but gave the project some much needed critique. Advertisements

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Steve | Business Owner

Steve is the founder and executive director of Flex Your Rights, a non-profit that educates readers about the rights of citizens. Educating our users on their rights to record the police is a key feature in our app. Steve provided insight and said I was on the right track, though suggested I make some changes. 

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David | Process Engineer

David is a process engineer and currently works as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton. David had some questions about a a key feature of the app and brought forward a really important question. How will you ensure that the videos being streamed from the mobile app are actually of police interactions? 

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HUGE Inc. | Digital Agency

HUGE is a digital agency providing strategy, marketing, design, and technology services to Fortune 100 companies. The SWAT App placed second in a competition and was given as a prize $500 and some pro-bono consulting time with Huge. The group was fantastic and helped us see some larger issues. 

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Lee | Mentor

The SWAT App was well-received by the Georgetown community at Startup Weekend. Following our second place winning at the competition, a few judges put us in contact with Lee Emmert who’s leading Georgetown University’s Mobile Initiative. He’s been mentoring me ever since

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