Nacim | ACLU Attorney

Nacim works at ACLU in Seattle. He gave me a hard time with the video recording feature, namely he challenged me on the need and feasibility of the function. He was the hardest person I interviewed.  

Read his comments below:

  • What is your ultimate goal? If it’s to inform users of their rights with police, you don’t need an app to do that. You could distribute pamphlets to the residents’ door. I think that will be more effective than asking them to download an app.
  • If you want to improve the relationship with community members and police officers, you could launch a campaign to encourage cops to get out of their cars and have them ride more bikes around their neighborhood. If the militarization of the police force is something you want to change, you’ll have to do more than develop an app.
  • How likely is it, if I’m being addressed by the police, that I’ll be able to reach into my pocket for my phone and begin recording?
  • You strongest function here is the reporting feature; making it easier to file a complaint against the police is worth your time.

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