Justin | Law Student

Justin is a law student at Howard University who I met at a networking event prior to Startup Weekend. I told him about the idea and he loved it and wanted to help out. When I competed in Startup Weekend, he came out to help and offered some valuable insight. 

This is what he had to say:

  • If you are to include laws on how to engage police, you should think more about how to present it. Maybe offering pictures/videos is a good idea.
  • Think about linking up with “Flex Your Rights.” They might prove useful since the organization has done already a lot of the work of compiling data.
  • if you’re going to make the app easy-to-use and be able to deliver accurate info to the courts, you should first understand what exactly the courts need to successfully file a complaint against a police. What is the reason that people are having their complaints dislodged? If it’s due to insufficient evidence, what sort of evidence is required to make the claim sufficiently justifiable?

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