Daniel | journalist

Joe and I went to New York to talk with developers. While we were there, we interviewed a journalist and friend of mine, Daniel Funt about the SWAT app project. He supported us, but gave the project some much needed critique. We met last year who was the editor in chief of the Hoya and has since graduated Georgetown and now attends Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. We worked together on a writing project last year. I value his opinion. He’s a good writer because he often thinks of arguments from both perspectives. I also consider him an ally in the racial and social justice fight. So, I wanted to hear what he thought about the SWAT project; in what ways could we improve it; and what sort of things I need to be thinking of that perhaps the public would like to see addressed.


We spoke for about 30 minutes at the coffee shop in lower Manhattan. These were his concerns.

  • Constant video stream may desensitize community members from police misconduct and thereby lose its effect in galvanizing a strong member base. How will you control for that?
  • Folk only seeing one portion of the video might lead to a bias interpretation of what went on during the event.
  • Are the cops names going to be released? If so, the police might view this as a threat to their safety and will likely not support you.
  • How will you stay a credible source to the public?

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