Bryan | Marketing Consultant

Bryan works a marketing and business consultant of large musical organization in Baltimore. He and I tossed around some ideas over ginger beer and catfish sandwiches. He told me that I needed to think more about my broadening my target to reach more mass—a good idea.

This is what he had to say

  • Who is your target market?
  • If it’s black and latino folk, isn’t that a small market? How will you build a business by targeting such a small number of people—10-12 million people.
  • I suggest you broaden this to include more than just complaints about the police. You should broaden this as a tool for everyone. You market it like this: “the system of policing is broken. Thus, members need to participate more closely with the policing of their neighborhoods” This was you could offer a service that provides everyone the ability to report crimes—not just committed by police—but report all crimes in real time.

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