Steve | Business Owner

Steve is the founder and executive director of Flex Your Rights, a non-profit that educates readers about the rights of citizens. Educating our users on their rights to record the police is a key feature in our app. Steve provided insight and said I was on the right track, though suggested I make some changes. 

The SWAT App intends to release an MVP that includes three features. One of those features is to educate users about their rights when engaging with the police. More than one million cases are compromised because people do not know their rights. I spoke with Steve and told him that we also wanted to, in perhaps the second or third release of the app, use geographical information systems to inform users of their rights in their particular jurisdiction. This is a great feature, but would be awfully time-consuming for us, according to Steve. He told me that we should focus only on the federal jurisdiction; inform users of federal laws pertaining to recording rights. If we were to become more focused on the smaller jurisdictions, we could lose the focus of many users; it could turn out to be confusing, especially since many laws change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction—not merely city to city. Users would need to become informed about their “new” rights each time they enter a new jurisdiction.


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