HUGE Inc. | Digital Agency

HUGE is a digital agency providing strategy, marketing, design, and technology services to Fortune 100 companies. The SWAT App placed second in a competition and was given as a prize $500 and some pro-bono consulting time with Huge. The group was fantastic and helped us see some larger issues. 

Here was some feedback:

  • Consider developing a web app; record & upload video to web app / attach a video from camera video,
  • Has potential to gather info on routine stops, not just violent incidents.
  • The camera should be shown in reverse – facing the driver’s window in the set-up.
  • This is a great thing but also bad thing – if it’s easier to submit, you get a larger influx of complaints of smaller issues, like “the officer was rude to me.” Creates more work for departments that are not prepared for it.
Questions to consider:
  • Are you prepared for if someone abuses the app and instigates in a blind spot where things can be staged with camera angles? What are the legal ramifications of that for the brand? What happens if someone fakes it a little bit? Are you legally tied to these videos?
  • How to prevent user from mis-using the record button?
  • How are you foresee this changing the results of how many cases don’t get heard? How many cases do you think you can actually put in front of the police? How will you track the closure on those?
  • Where does the camera go? cuz the police could say step out the car, or lead you to a blind spot…
  • How will you engage with the early adopters and earn their trust? It’s a very personal thing to send your video to an app. How will you maintain a relationship?
  • If you’re pulled over in the nighttime, won’t the camera have a flash? so that will be obvious?
  • Any phone technology in cars is a recipe for disaster. Are there different laws for texting and driving and having your phone in your vicinity?
  • Are you prepared for any backlash from law enforcement, unions, brotherhood of police from the negative aspect of civilians recording them? Have you thought of having police have physical hardware that reports or feeds database – preventing a he said/she said scenario.
  • How do you get the policemen who are following the law to become advocates?
  • How do I know my report really got submitted? Where is it in the process? Did it really get received?

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