Ashley | Student

Ashley is a Georgetown student majoring in African American studies. I told her about the project and she was impressed, but had some concerns regarding practicality.  Advertisements

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Ron | DC City Council Attorney

Ron is an attorney for a DC City Council member. He had some interesting questions, but, for the most part, agreed with the need of the product. He was, however, concerned about how the business would remain sustainable. I originally thought about selling the data to civil-rights attorneys to use the data to file class-action lawsuits. […]

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Justin | Law Student

Justin is a law student at Howard University who I met at a networking event prior to Startup Weekend. I told him about the idea and he loved it and wanted to help out. When I competed in Startup Weekend, he came out to help and offered some valuable insight. 

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Daniel | journalist

Joe and I went to New York to talk with developers. While we were there, we interviewed a journalist and friend of mine, Daniel Funt about the SWAT app project. He supported us, but gave the project some much needed critique.

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