Lee | Mentor

The SWAT App was well-received by the Georgetown community at Startup Weekend. Following our second place winning at the competition, a few judges put us in contact with Lee Emmert who’s leading Georgetown University’s Mobile Initiative. He’s been mentoring me ever since

over the phone about every other week; helping me through everything from mobile design and business development to rollout strategy.

His concerns were

  • Chain of Custody: Will the judge accept data provided by your service? Wouldn’t there be an issue of chain of custody regarding the tampering of evidence? How do you prevent tampering of evidence?
  • We all download plenty of mobile apps—so much so that we often forget they’re on our phone. How will your app stay relevant considering the app should (hopefully) be used only a few times per year?
  • What is the revenue model? Ads? Selling data? etc? How will you monetize this?

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